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This website is an educational project which aims to increase awareness, understanding and discussion of the world’s most pressing issue.

Welcome to this essential web resource on:

  • Toxicity
  • Key Toxins
  • Dental Toxins
  • Biotoxins
  • Poisons
  • Pollution
  • Detoxification

. . . the issues everybody should be talking about, and which every newspaper should be covering in regular front-page stories.

Bookmark this page and return here often to read our latest articles from many experts about toxins, and help raise awareness of this issue and bring it urgently onto more people’s agenda.

I would like to highlight metals. The notion of key toxins. Out of many toxins there will be a toxin that is particularly capable of binding to and paralyzing our physiologic functions. Quite often these come from the group: metals. Metals target multiple organ systems.

(Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., Field Control Therapy Basic Level seminar, Dublin 2004)


This website is currently under construction.

Please check back here soon.

In the meantime:

1) See video clips and info, as they become available. The video clips already listed are a good place to start.

2) IMPORTANT NEWS: I am currently preparing an enormous database of scientific literature on mercury toxicity. The project has already been published temporarily elsewhere in a pilot version, but I will soon have a new version adapted for this website. To the best of my knowledge, thanks to the many scientists who have already contributed to it, it is the world’s largest resource of science on mercury!


Other forthcoming articles to be posted here soon for the free educational access of the general public will include:

  • Simon’s Factsheet on Mercury (An updated version of this comprehensive resource of information on mercury poisoning)
  • A Rare and Enlightening Conversation With Some of Ireland’s Most Cutting-Edge Dentists: An exclusive series of written transcripts of an interview conducted and recorded by us in January 2007 in conversation with three experienced holistic mercury-free dentists discussing openly, candidly, knowledgeably – and wittily – issues such as why they don’t use mercury at all; the safety procedures they use for mercury filling removal; root canal toxicity; braces and different views on the issue of correct bite; the real causes of teeth-crowding; the dental holocaust; and many other fascinating dental-related topics of fundamental concern to the general population and wellbeing of humanity. It was a rare privilege and extraordinary opportunity to meet up with three dentists of such high integrity to hear their views on so many fundamental matters, in order to share them publically on these pages to celebrate the inauguration of this new website resource. At present, however, we are still working on the lengthy process of transcribing the recordings into written format for this site!
  • Key extracts from the works of Weston Price, a key historical researcher into issues such as root canal toxicity.
  • Articles on the question: What is the real cause of Alzheimer’s Disease?
  • Cassandra’s Curse
  • . . . and plenty of other forthcoming material!

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