Mercury Bibliography (Huge!)

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Environmental Medicine Studies and Reviews, Volume One:


I am sharing here an enormous database of mercury science – the largest in the world, to the best of my knowledge. It is all carefully indexed and made available for free to the public for research purposes.

This is an amazing resource, the result of decades of work of some wonderful scientists. My motivation for sharing it here is the tremendous importance of the content of these studies to scientists, researchers, doctors and, collectively, to humanity and in fact the future of our civilization.

Now, more than ever, this science needs to be shared and reviewed as widely as possible, for humanitarian and research purposes. Too much of this outstanding science has been left in dusty corners for too long, while our corporations, institutions and “professionals” continue to poison us and our environment, due to lack of acquaintance with this body of science. So please dip in, and you will find access to TENS OF THOUSANDS of studies and/or indexed citations here!

The bibliography is divided into the following pages, each of which links to many pdf or other documents:

Part One (Overview – Main Front Page, Introduction and Selected Studies of Interest)

Part Two (MHanson – Largest directory of thousands of studies)

Part Three (IAOMT)

Part Four (Ziffs/Bioprobe)

Part Five (BWindham)

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