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Everything that has been said about Food and Water is true also of Air : it is a primary need, yet wherever we live on our beautiful planet, we are likely to be exposed to a degradation in the quality of the air we breathe, either from pollution from industrial activity, effluent from motorised vehicles, smoke exhaled by tobacco smokers, chemical air 'purifiers' (as serious a poisoner as any!), and/or radiation emitted by modern communications equipment, the nuclear industry, or other.
Do not be downcast!!!
There are many things you can do to enhance the air in your home, and in your lungs' capacity to work vigourously. 
Improving the vitality of your body's filtering organs will help you to withstand exposure to poor air quality better. The food, water, rest and exercise sections all provide information to help you achieve this.
Also, in your home, ceasing the use of chemical air 'purifiers', and instead using ionisers, crystal salt lamps, and plants to cleanse and re-balance the air, will immediately make a difference.
Ionisers emit large quantities of negative ions into the air. Around waterfalls, beaches, high mountains and forests, large quantities of negative ions are naturally produced by the interaction of water, plant life, sunlight, and the atmosphere. In polluted areas, they disintegrate extremely rapidly, leaving a high concentration of positive ions - this is one reason why we feel depleted in built-up, mechanised surroundings.
The following sites provide some information and also sources for choosing and buying ionisers :
II.Crystal Salt Lamps
Using a crystal salt lamp is a more natural way to re-balance the ionisation of the air. It is in particular helpful to have one close to your computer, as it will protect you to some extent from its potentially destructive electromagnetic emissions.
The best crystal salt to get comes from one particular place in the Himalayas, where, millions of years ago, great expanses of ocean were evaporated by the sun, producing quantities of the purest sun-dried salt. When the surface of the Earth then threw up the Himalayan mountains, these covered the deposits of salt, compressing them with the great weight of the mountains. This compression resulted in the salt forming into a specific crystalline structure, which has been found to have profoundly healing properties when used both externally and internally in the human body.
The book, 'Water and Salt : The Essence of Life', by Peter Ferreira and Dr Barbara Hendel, gives the biological and chemical background to why this special salt can produce deep healing of longstanding ailments. It also shows how to prepare the salt for internal or external use.
You can find out more about this book, and buy both crystal salt lamps and salt for other uses, at :
III.Plants to remove Indoor Pollution
It has been found that certain plants can greatly enhance indoor air, even digesting and thereby removing, specific chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde. Some sites give more on this, as well as the particular plants that help the most.
The following site is a good resource for browsing other options for many of the most common pollutants we are exposed to :
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