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It is hoped that this site will be a useful resource for people in good health who want to learn more about staying that way.
It is also designed to help people with so-called chronic health problems.
A state of illness is described as chronic when it is long-lasting and there is little hope of it being 'cured'.
Chronic illness is often related to degeneration of bodily functions.
An illness is degenerative when it results from the body failing to maintain normal cellular processes of repair and renewal : cells and tissues of the body are no longer able to keep themselves in a vital or healthy state.

Chronic and degenerative illness or disease is becoming more and more widespread. Few people reach old age free of cancer, arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, or other disease states. More and more people are developing chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, and even Alzheimer's, long before they reach old age.
The pharmaceutical and medical establishments spend increasing sums of money in an effort to find miracle drugs to combat the various degenerative or chronic diseases.
The site also emphasises the link between chronic illness and environmental toxins, and ways in which we can reduce our risk of becoming ill, and return our body to its birth-right of health and dynamic well-being, should we succumb. 
Disclaimer : Everything on this site is offered for information purposes only. If you have concerns about your health, please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. You are responsible for any action you might take after browsing the information offered on the site.