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Its worth checking the following links as not all are included on the relevant page.
This site is the brainchild of George Mateljan and focusses on an encyclopedic array of foods for healthy eating. You can search for information on specific items of food, e.g. buckwheat, and there are nutrient content lists as well as references to research work for instance into the benefits of specific foods for cancer. Highly recommended.
Sources of locally grown and organic fresh food.
Find out about the ground-breaking of work of this man, using an approach to diet that respects our changing needs according to the season, and part of the world, in which we live.
Vegetarianism and veganism...
Google 'hemp oil'
The products of the hemp seed (the variety used to produce food products does not contain significant amounts of consciousness-altering substances) are profoundly nutritious for people with compromised immune systems. They contain all proteins needed by humans, plus the best balance of essential fatty acids, some GLA, and important vitamins and minerals. This site offers a mail order service as well as a list of outlets around the country. Sprinkle the de-hulled seed on muesli, salads, stews and any dish, on a daily basis, to help your immune, nervous and endocrine  systems regain vitality. 
The next three links have sections dedicated to Rotation Diets.....
The site of the Soil Association, which has worked in the UK for many generations, campaigning for standards in organic agriculture and marketting. Loads of information about the value of organic food production......
Here you will find abundant information on growing food with the best possible integration with the natural environment, safe building practices, a store of unusual books, equipment, and other resources.
This is a online supplier of a very extensive range of wholesome foods, supplements, remedies, etc.
This site offers simple rationale for following a completely raw food diet, and has recipes and courses for learning how to do it well.
From this site you will be able to buy the highly-recommended Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, as well as the book, 'Water and Salt', explaining its benefits and how to use it. Crystal salt lamps and other items are marketted here also. 
This site markets a fairly new and extremely high quality range of Ayurvedic herbal preparations. These products are highly recommended.
This site ('red tortoise') offers high quality, mindfully-grown and processed, herbs and herb products, from a large area of southern France. The site is well worth a browse.
A large and comprehensive resource on herbs.
3.Citricidal, Coconut Oil, Clay, CellFood
Natural antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant. Use grapefruit seed extract for many human, pet and animal health concerns.
Household travel and garden uses also. 180 uses. Guaranteed!
Grapefruit seed extract in bird care :

All these items are also available from the

Nutricentre, 7 Regents Park Crescent, London W1,

 which also operates a mail order facility:


This is a new Scottish company making eco-friendly body and cleaning products for the home.

5.Yoga, Pilates, Mudras, Relaxation

Site of the British Wheel of Yoga
An International source of yoga info.
One-to-One Yoga and stress reduction training, based in the UK.
6.Swimming, Water
The following are other sites about water and its purification :
Most useful site also offering water-restructuring devices, and helpful resource links.
Article on homeopathic principles in relationship to what is being discovered about the structure and activity of water.
This is the site about the ground-breaking work of Masaru Omoto, which has recently inspired and stimulated pioneering thinkers the world over.
The site of the Institute for Science in Society, a rich resource from scientists who believe ethics belongs in science, and includes interesting stuff related to water.
8.Emotions and Biology
Candace Pert wrote the book 'Molecules of Emotion', that gives the scientific networks through which the mind and body interact with each other.
This is the site of a Central London dentist with deep understanding, experience and knowledge of safely removing mercury from the mouth. It includes useful and informative articles on the subject.
Good general information on mercury and its insidious dangers.
This is the site of the World Natural Health Organisation :
This is a husband and wife team providing a very comprehensive array of treatment of the mouth, and the whole body.
This site shows a most useful paper entitle "Neurotoxins and How the Body Deals with them", by Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D., which includes a protocol for removing mercury and other heavy metals, as well as a protocol for preparing for removal of amalgam fillings.
This one deals with mercury poisoning. Although presented by a layperson, it is well-written and useful.
10.Useful Products for Detoxification
11.Methods for Testing
This one gives a good overview of what this form of testing is - an Australian site.
This is a company producing equipment, in the USA - some useful information.
This is a clinic in Petersfield, Hampshire. I cannot vouch for their effectiveness, not having had their treatment myself. There are more and more clinics of this nature appearing on the UK scene, as the whole problem of environmental toxicity has become more understood, and the equipment accessible.
Here you will find biographies of some of the key developers
Quite a mixture - you will need to search for the useful bits, but they are there.
This is a group of medical personnel working with doctors specifically to test for underlying metal or other environmental causes to health problems. Highly regarded.
This site has lots of useful information on forms of earth radiation, as well as manmade forms, plus dowsing to find these, and what to do about them.
14.Vibrational Remedies
15. Other
The Women's Environmental Network supports local and national networks of people seeking to bring health and sanity back into their environments. The site is a rich resource for information and links.
This is the site of the magazine by the same name. It is a comprehensive resource on all things related to our environment, including political aspects which are often shocking eg. reports demonstrating how often the desire for profit stirs the powers that be more than any a genuine desire to facilitate health or preserve poorer communities.
This site provides a directory and advertising to support exchange and networking between people dedicated to an ecologically compatible lifestyle. Lots of good ideas, and add your own contribution.
This site is a resource for everyone interested in converting to a healthy home :
Green Building Press - Information and publications to help you create healthy and ecological homes and buildings.
This site invites you to brainstorm all your most innovative, original, and inspired ideas for the sake of a creative future for all.
Look here if you are thinking of re-locating to work on the land in an ecological framework.
Find what you need from someone else's 'out' pile... get rid of what you no longer use and make someone else's day!  Only condition is it must be free! Recycling service across the world and with local groups.
This is an Alternative Network Directory : A portal of alternative interests: complementary and alternative therapies and practitioners, herbs, diets, crystals, faiths, beliefs, reviews, forthcoming events, monthly newsletter, and community forum.
'Namaste' is a magazine available by subscription or from health food shops and other alternative outlets. It carries useful and cutting-edge articles on the link between environmental poisons and health, and also bravely makes available information on the political aspect of this huge area of interest. Titles of recent articles include : 'Are processed foods affecting our health?'; Understanding Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress'; 'How environmental chemicals destroy your endocrine system'; 'Aspartarme lawsuits against twelve major international companies'; 'Inside the Vaccine Establishment'.
This magazine is available as above for 'Namaste', and also has articles on leading edge health issues. It may not have such an emphasis on the link with environmental toxins, but is still worth checking out.
This is a web resource for music as an aid to healing. It also has a comprehensive directory for finding practitioners, courses and events related to complementary medicine.
Disclaimer : Everything on this site is offered for information purposes only. If you have concerns about your health, please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. You are responsible for any action you might take after browsing the information offered on the site.