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My Story
I don't want to bore you with lots of stuff about my own life. However, some people may be encouraged to know something of my own struggle with degenerative illness. If you are not one of these people, please skip this section!
Allergies, Hypoglycaemia and Candida
In 1986 a medical doctor who also practised Homeopathy and Acupuncture, tested me using a Vega machine, and found severe candidiasis and hypoglycaemia. He found there were only about ten foods that I could consume without getting an allergic reaction. I already had a real interest in how food could influence my sense of well-being, and extended this by embarking on the ' Rotation Diet'.
Rotation Diet
This meant eating either brown rice, oatmeal, millet, or potatoes, for one day only out of every four days. With this staple I ate a soup made with sprouted aduki beans, lentils, chickpeas, or thoroughly cooked red kidney beans, carrots, onions, seaweed, miso, ginger, chilli pepper, and other herbs as available. I also took Spirulina when I could afford to.
The rationale of this way of eating is that it takes four days for the body to fully remove food particles. By eating one particular food material only once in any four days, the body is able to completely remove it before it has to deal with it again. The digestive organs are able to take a short rest, during which time they gradually build up some ability to metabolise the foodstuff the next time it is introduced.
If you are severely allergic it is preferable to have the foods you react to as rarely as possible, even while following the rotation diet.
A healthy digestive system is the cornerstone and the key to recovery from any degenerative health condition!
It was a very basic and simple diet, requiring a lot of discipline to sustain. But my reward was that gradually the tendency to allergic reactions reduced, and I was able to have other foods occasionally without getting as ill.
Crisis and Diagnosis : Mercury Poisoning
In 1991, though, I suddenly got much worse, with many of the old symptoms magnified. I sweated profusely, whilst shivering and teeth chattering with chill; the insomnia that was a constant, as I rarely got more than three or four hours sleep per night, became completely uncontrollable and I lay awake the whole night, every night; I was tortured with anxiety, not about anything in particular, just an intense, pathological sense of impending doom, accompanied by a tight feeling of compression in my chest; my consciousness seemed separate from my body, and I appeared to be looking down on it from a detached place.
A dentist tested me using Kinesiology, as well as taking a lengthy case history. The testing showed that I was suffering from severe mercury poisoning.
I had the mercury removed from my mouth and went straight to another practitioner who used an electro-ammeter (similar to a Vega machine) to test, and lymphatic drainage techniques to treat. She confirmed that there were mercury deposits all over my body : brain, kidneys, heart, liver, bone marrow, muscles, etc. I was saturated with the stuff.
After her treatment, I slept for 15 hours two nights in a row, as if I was dead, oblivious to anything. I also experienced an easing of the symptoms I had struggled with for years.
Electrodiagnosis, Cancer and Radioactive Isotopes
But they did not go altogether, and the following year (1992) I heard of someone using sophisticated electronic equipment to test and diagnose. This man was using the Sigma machine developed by Dr Bill Nelson, who now markets newer versions under the name of QXCI. He found there were still significant amounts of mercury in my body, as well as other heavy metals, especially aluminium, and viruses, parasites, chemicals, and, the most insidious perhaps, radioactive isotopes in large quantities.
During my teens, I lived about 30 miles east, and downwind, of Sellafield, and only a mile away from Spadeadam nuclear rocket site. That site was on an enormous piece of wilderness north of the Roman Wall, and south of the Scottish Border, a perfect place to locate a testing site that may need to be kept away from prying eyes.
We were told that engines for nuclear rockets (the 'Blue Streak') were being tested there, but every two weeks, regular as clockwork, a huge cloud of some form of effluent emerged from the horizon where the site lay.
I do not know whether they were testing anything other than engines. All I know is that during those years I suffered from intermittent fevers, almost continuous colds and catarrh, anaemia, and spontaneous, heavy nosebleeds, symptoms that homeopaths in Sweden, just after the Chernobyl disaster, discovered were the results of radiation exposure.
In 1992, my body was found to be loaded with radioactive isotopes, and that practitioner also found that there was breast cancer at a dangerous developmental stage.
This was scary, especially as I had discounted symptoms that had been getting more and more insistent, telling myself that I would never be susceptible to cancer, because I was far too enlightened (!) not to mention disciplined about eating natural foods and practising meditation and therapeutic exercise.
Homeopathy, Macrobiotics and More
My search to extend my knowledge and understanding of natural healing methods intensified. I got Mishio Kushi's very helpful book on Macrobiotics and Cancer and renewed my intention to be disciplined about every natural self-help method I could find out about.
I began with complex homeopathic remedies, from a range designed by Dr Nelson to accompany the diagnostic work of the equipment. These were specifically for degenerative conditions, parasites, viruses, including Epstein Barr, and others to remove plaque from the walls of the blood vessels.
Although these did help, I chose not to continue using them for a mixture of reasons, including, but not only, because they tended to produce a powerful 'healing crisis', and I felt it must be possible to help the body remove toxic substances without such extreme discomfort.
I sought to learn about the impact of environmental toxins upon health from all possible sources... and I really had to search, even making a visit to the library of Imperial College in London in search of research papers that might inform me.
But even here, I found there was hardly any documentation.
Since then, the early nineties, many writers have published information for the layman that at last helps us to understand why these substances, that are so prolific in our daily lives, are so challenging to our health.  See Booklist 
I learnt about the ground-breaking work of Reinhold Voll, a German who discovered extra acupoints that could be used to specifically track stuck deposits of toxins, as well as help the body remove these.
Nutrition from Herbs, and Exercise
And I read avidly about the importance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids, to assist the body to bind the toxic matter so it could be safely evacuated.
I learnt the practice of Do-In, which helps the lymphatic system to function with greater effectiveness, and was rigorous in my use of fresh herbs from the garden, making amazing salads packed with parsley, borage, dandelion, nasturtium leaves, sage, lambs lettuce, chives, etc, all reduced in a processor to a finely chopped state which made it easy to consume large quantities, mixed with chopped, soaked, almonds and dried apricots, with brown rice as a base.
It's good! You might like to try it... And incredibly healing. See Recipes
I used nettles in large quantities, too, from the first tiny appearance of their leaves, in March, through to the end of May, after which the plant begins the process of flowering and the leaves develop crystals which are not good to consume. The silica and chlorophyll content of nettles has supreme ability to cleanse and re-mineralise both kidneys and blood.
All these green foods are a richly abundant source of minerals and trace elements, as well as vitamins, which enhance cellular function and therefore overall well-being.
Vibrational Remedies
Another very important development was discovering the extended range of vibrational remedies.
In particular, I found the gem elixirs combined with flower essences, of Pegasus, in Colorado, extraordinarily helpful in regeneration of healthy tissue, and removal of toxicity, even radiation and heavy metals.
Please explore their website for more information :
Steve Johnson also offers gem elixirs in his Alaskan Essence range, and these tend to be more readily available in the UK, although the Pegasus range can be bought in from the US.
Healing Crisis
It wasn't easy, though. Even the vibrational remedies tended to elicit a 'healing crisis', during which toxic material was evicted from the cells into the fluids of the body, from where it was transported to the excretory organs, the liver, spleen, and kidneys.
I found that my body groaned as the liver struggled to process and eliminate these waste materials. Supporting the liver in the incredibly strenuous work it has to do in this process, is or primary importance. Fresh green foods in high concentration is perhaps the best way to provide this support.
There seems to be a cycle, during which the body responds to a new round of remedies first with a lifting and easing of all symptoms, followed by a phase during which it feels as though everything is in flux. Often I felt as though all the cells in my body were moving at a very fast rate, back and forth, almost stirring vigorously, the unwanted substances embedded within them. I usually felt rather feverish and spaced out at this stage.
This phase was followed by a time when everything seemed glued up. I felt heavy and uncoordinated. It was hard to get moving; I was exhausted and weak and the effort needed to concentrate my mind was enormous.
I reckoned that this cycle expressed a first, vibrant and positive response to the remedies, which resulted in toxic matter being moved into the body fluids and excretory organs. But once in those organs it seemed to be enormously difficult for the material to be further broken down and cleaned from the body.
Symptoms of ME (Myalgic Encephalitis)
At times I was unable to communicate coherently. My brain was severely affected by the mercury deposited there. I felt as though I was suffering from Alzheimer's, and shunned people because of the embarassment contact brought.
In those days I lived in south west Ireland, where there was a lack of understanding of such afflictions as heavy metal poisoning or ME. In the UK there is a much greater awareness although there is still room for lots of improvement.
If you are embarking on a process of self-healing of degenerative illness, I strongly recommend that you seek out self-help groups in your area, or start one yourself. A strong support network that understands what you are doing and why, will make the whole process far more manageable.
Listening to the Body
In a way, a lot of the healing process is about learning to 'listen to the body'. Although I could not meditate in the way I once had, I spent a lot of time lying down, in a place that felt safe and comforting, entering into deeper and deeper layers of relaxation. I followed the flow of breath in and out, with my attention, as a way in, then attuned more and more closely to the tensions in my body, allowing these to unravel and disperse.
To learn more about this technique, see Heal by Breath
I had various forms of help : acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, massage, homeopathy, whenever I could afford to pay for it, and I continued to read and follow my own guidance, for example through supplementation and herbs.
From 2001 onwards, I followed courses of treatment with further electro-diagnostic practitioners using Vega and Mora equipment, in southern England.
Although these did help, I always continued to get strong healing crises which made me feel awful, as a response to the remedies.
Amazon Herbs
In February 2003 I discovered the Amazon Herb Company, and began taking some of their products. At that stage, I had developed degenerating connective tissue, with all the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and I also had the most bothersome eczema on hands and legs.  The arthritis was the scariest, as keeping physically active is good therapy for me. I was in more or less constant pain, cycling became a most vulnerable affair, and I could no longer practise yoga or walk very far.
These herbs made a difference within one week, and the improvement went on and on, until I could again practise yoga, and cycle fearlessly and flexibly. Strength, vigour, and a sense of buoyancy returned to all my joints and tissues. It felt like a miracle!
As of the current time (April 2005), there have been some problems getting these herbs imported, because of the European Directive legislation on herbs and supplements. However, it is worth contacting Darren Marks via the following site :
I have discovered, through further tests, that there are still mercury deposits in my body, which have produced high levels of mercury vapour in the mouth. I am glad to know this, as it helps to attribute some of the remaining symptoms with a concrete cause.
Natural Aids to Good Health in an insidiously Toxic World
I am continuing to research and test on myself, the many marvelous natural aids to health that are being made available to us at this time, and will update this site with details of any that I find particularly help with environmental toxins and degenerative problems.
For those of you who have a garden, I strongly recommend growing plentiful quantities of herbs, even those considered by some to be 'weeds', using organic and permaculture principles. Consider these herbs then as a daily component of your food, remembering Hippocrates, who asserted :
"Let food be thy medicine"!
I wish you all great joy in your journey towards renewed, vital, resilient and radiant health!
Disclaimer : Everything on this site is offered for information purposes only. If you have concerns about your health, please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. You are responsible for any action you might take after browsing the information offered on the site.