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What is the Link between Chronic Illness and Environmental Toxins?

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The foundation of what is offered here is that much chronic illness results from a bombardment with toxic substances that now surround us in the environment, to a degree that is overwhelming our immune systems.
I have reached this point of view as a result of my own experience with cancer, candida, ME, and rheumatoid arthritis. Everything that is offered on this site is based upon what I learned through seeking to help my body reverse these degenerative processes.
It is a point of view that is not new, and increasing numbers of professional scientists, doctors, and the public, are voicing their concerns about the proliferation of toxic chemicals, metals, radiation, and other substances, into our daily lives, through our food, air, water, building materials, transport, media, and means of communication.
The Links to other Useful Sites page provides access to a wealth of further information on this, and I will be researching other helpful resources and adding them to this list all the time, so please check back.
Here is a simple overview of how environmental toxins make us ill :
  1. A healthy body converts food into energy for activity, maintenance and repair of tissues, using oxygen and water, for completion of biochemical processes within the cell tissues, and transport of nutrients.
  2. Many organs participate in this metabolic activity. The liver in particular converts food materials into numerous substances needed by the body, and also is charged with reducing toxic matter, whether gaseous, chemical, or other, into a form which the body can eliminate, or excrete.
  3. In order to complete this vital role, the liver needs a plentiful supply of 'co-enzymes', which are formed in the body using vitamins and minerals. These bind with substances the body identifies as waste, and/or a threat. If this binding, or 'chelating', process is incomplete, the body cannot effectively remove the toxic material.
  4. The 'filters' - spleen, kidneys, and other tissues - become steadily more clogged, similar to a sieve where the pores block with gelatinous, sticky, substances that cannot readily be washed through.
  5. If the filters are no longer able to efficiently clean the blood and other body fluids, toxic substances have to be stored in non-vital areas so that life can continue.
  6. This process of storing toxins means that all tissue function becomes more and more sluggish. We feel tired, our sleep quality deteriorates, our efficiency drops, we experience changes in personality (such as irritability and depression), our eyes are dull, we have more aches and pains. Eventually, our body is found to be afflicted with one of the degenerative diseases.

Crucially involved are

A)the fluids of the body : blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid; and

B)the organs of absorption and cleansing : spleen, liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach and intestinal tract.
This is a simplification of the process, and I do encourage you to read up on it in order to better understand some of the detail, and in that way unfold a better relationship with your own body at the same time.
How to find out more
I include  Links to other Useful Sites and a Booklist to help you get answers to some of the specific questions you may have, and also to provide more of the science. Most good bookstores attached to Health Food stores will have a section on the link between degenerative conditions and environmental toxins. It is also worth doing your own search of the internet. You may also like to visit the excellent
Nutricentre bookshop, 7 Regents Park Crescent, London WC1, or ring for mail order on : 020.7323.2382
Disclaimer : Everything on this site is offered for information purposes only. If you have concerns about your health, please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. You are responsible for any action you might take after browsing the information offered on the site.