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There are many forms of radiation to which we are exposed at this fragile time of the planet. In the fifties and sixties, the rapid growth of the nuclear industry caused a localised threat for some; in 1986 the Chernobyl explosion dispersed radioactive material far across the world, so that soil, milk and meat all became contaminated. 
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Next came personal computers, microwave ovens, and mobile phones. X-rays and television have been other sources of frequent exposure. There are also non-manmade forms of radiation to which we may be exposed : radon gas and Schumann waves.

As with heavy metals, there are people who deny that any form of radiation causes harm to the human being; there are many others who have found the converse to be only too true.

I grew up during the fifties and sixties, downwind of Sellafield nuclear power station in West Cumbria, UK. In 1992 breast cancer was diagnosed at an advanced stage of development; the same practitioner found that my body was loaded with radioactive isotopes. The only time I had been anywhere there may have been contamination had been during those growing years, when I suffered from chronic health problems that homeopaths working in Sweden in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, began to recognise as the result of radiation damage.

Spontaneous nosebleeds, anaemia, weakness, and intermittent fevers were some of those symptoms.

In those days, sources of radiation were still scattered. Now, we are continuously surrounded by some form of radiation, or ‘electromagnetic emission’. Until a couple of years ago, I could not watch TV for long, use a computer at all, and would immediately get blurred vision, headaches, and great weakness, when under flourescent lights, all sources of insidious electromagnetic ‘smog’ that we take for granted.

It is well worth learning more about what radiation actually is, how it can affect our functioning (largely through the electrical and chemical aspects of nerve tissue), and how we can protect ourselves from it : we may not be able to remove it from our environment - although we can decide not to have a TV, microwave, flourescent lights, or a mobile phone - but there are many things we can do to help our internal cell milieu function optimally even when we cannot avoid exposure.

All the forms of testing and treatment described in Mercury Poisoning  apply to problems with radiation. Likewise, all the recommendations relating to food, rest, exercise, air and water will help.

The following sites are specifically related to radiation :

1. Roger Coghill is a foremost researcher into all forms of radiation. Do visit his site to find a wealth of information on the subject. He also has a products section where all his books are available, as well as a useful array of magnetic and other protective devices to help recover from radiation-related illness.

He has discovered a supplement, called Asphalia, derived from a Welsh meadow grass, which apparently reverses damage caused by radiation.

This supplement is available from a site associated with his main site (above). The URL is


This site is a rich resource for many forms of environmentally-related issues. Click on >downloadable>Electromagnectic and Geopathic Stress for radiation stuff.

Their Links page is also worth visiting, and includes :

the site of Dr John Mansfield, a long time medical doctor in the field of environment illness. The clinic is in Surrey, UK.


Here you will find the work of Dolly Knight and Jonathon Stromberg, who have been researching water and its relationship to electromagnetic health, for many years. The testimonials from people who have used their products (which are deceptively simple) are convincing!


This is the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Covers the whole spectrum of environmental health hazards. Don’t go here if you are feeling doom-laden!

5. You might also find the next one worth a visit. It is Canadian. The Radiation Health and Safety Consulting, specialising in non-ionising radiation.

6. Roy Riggs has a degree in environmental science, and has published the following website as a resource on manmade and earth forms of radiation, including microwave radiation :

7. Another very informative site on the proliferation of electrical and microwave radiation in the UK :

Related is the enormous issue of mobile phone masts and the radiation they emit. The following sites are on this theme, including campaigning :

Other things you Can Do to Help :

1. Tissue Salts

During the nineteenth century, Dr Schussler was continuing the great work of Dr Hahneman (the discoverer of homeopathy). Dr Schussler found that human cell life depends upon the presence of twelve tissue salts. He found these salts were often all that was needed to return patients to robust health.

Tissue salts are particularly important for anyone suffering radiation-related illness, because radiation depletes and degrades the milieu of the cell tissue, at both a chemical and electrical level. Replenishment with the tissue salts helps the milieu to return to normal healthy function.

The following site gives more about the salts, and they can also be bought from here :

Helios and Ainsworths are both homeopathic pharmacies where remedies including the tissue salts are made by hand, especially for your order. The tissue salts are available as lactose pill, or as a liquid preserved in alcohol, if you do not tolerate lactose. If you have a problem with alcohol even in small doses, put each dose in a cup and add a tablespoon of not-quite boiling water. The heat will evaporate the alcohol leaving the remedy intact. (The alcohol is there only to preserve the remedy).

2. Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a useful tool in radiation-sickness, although it cannot be expected to deal with the problem by itself.

Homeopathy was originally developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann. His work has been further unfolded by many researchers throughout the world.

Two approaches are :

a) Classical. The classical homeopath only gives one remedy at a time, waits to see how the patient responds, then re-assesses the symptom picture before choosing a follow-on remedy. S/he believes that if more than one remedy is given at a time it will not be possible to accurately interpret the case for any follow up treatment.

b) Complex. Complex homeopaths on the contrary believe that our bombardment with manmade substances now prevents the classic remedy from having any effect - they believe that modern pollutants negate its potency.

They give combinations of remedies often mixed with herbal extracts, or may prepare a remedy that contains the frequencies of all the pollutants the patient has been found to be afflicted with. The theory is that this enables the immune system to identify the toxin and excrete it.

I have found this approach very useful, though inclined to produce a debilitating ‘healing crisis’.

Anyone suffering from environmental illness is so low in resilience, that they need remedies which give strength and support, before any that may further weaken their resources, even if they understand the principle that sometimes you ‘need to get worse before you get better’!

Don’t give up on homeopathy, it is a blessing to our age; but do take care in seeking out a practitioner who has a more than superficial understanding of environmental illness : insist on getting answers to all your questions before you book a session; if possible ask to talk to a previous client they have treated, with similar problems as your own. Don’t be browbeaten into booking with them unless they have really convinced you they have a deep understanding of the problem.

This site is a comprehensive directory, where you can identify remedies for your symptoms, buy remedies online, and learn more about homeopathy.

The next is the site of the US company that continued to produce complex homeopathics of Dr Reckeweg’s design, after that innovator’s death in 1985. The site includes useful information.

More on Dr Reckeweg's remedies, and other makers of high quality natural remedies, can be found at

3. Vibrational Essences

Dr Edward Bach was a surgeon (UK) who believed that orthodox medicine was a crude intervention. He first studied homeopathy, hoping it would provide him with a gentler form of healing. However, he found that even this failed to completely fill the need for a gentler approach. His search led him to develop the now well known and revered Bach flower remedies.

Since then, workers throughout the world have investigated other plants, animals, and environmental conditions, as sources of energetic frequencies with healing capacity. Below are links to some of these ranges, that I particularly love. There are many, many more!


In the nineties, when I was first learning about illness related to heavy metals and radiation, I began to use this range of essences, having found the range of complex homeopathics I had been given invariably produced a worsening.

The Pegasus range includes flower essences, gem elixirs, starlight essences, and combinations of all three. I found in particular that the gem elixirs, especially when combined with flowers, had a marvellous capacity to regenerate tissue. Sometimes, even with these, there was some degree of ‘healing crisis’, but not nearly as severe as with the homeopathics.


These come from the West Coast of Canada, and are truly very beautiful. They are primarily flowers and sea creature essences. They were originated by Sabina Pettit, an acupuncturist.


This is the range of Steve Johnson. He also does gem and environmental essences, which are powerful.

d) This site provides a selection of other ranges.

4. Crystal Salt

There is quite a lot about this in the

Mercury Poisoning

section, yet I want to add here that this special salt, originating from the Himalayas, and containing a particular crystal formation, is a most important aid for anyone suffering from radiation poisoning.

The reason is that this salt enables electrical transmission to take place within the cell tissue; information can again be conducted effectively. The crystalline form of the salt embodies a perfect state of order, which is transmitted to the cell. The cell thereby has the information and energy it needs to heal itself.

Radiation degrades this capacity for normal transmission; the salt replaces it.

Here is the link to the special Original Himalayan Crystal Salt which is the only form recommended :

5. Tachyonic Products

This is something about which information is not readily available, and I am included a small word here simply because I have found products made with tachyons very helpful.

Tachyons are minute, energy-transmitting particles that are normally around us, but which we do not as yet use very efficiently. In Japan, more is known about them, and they are used for very many applications. A formula has been devised whereby an item of clothing or jewellery is worn, which enables the wearer to make better use of the tachyonic energy in their environment.

In particular, I have found the headband extremely helpful to help maintain concentration and clear thinking in environments lit by flourescent lights, and full of computers and other electronic equipment. I also use ear-rings with tachyonic beads, which helps in the same way, though not as distinctly as the headband.

In the UK, these products are available from

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