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This page is a depository of useful video clips and documentaries, including some very rare material.

Introductory Notes^

FORMAT: Please note that this page currently exists as a single simple page with “no frills.” However, I hope to soon re-edit these resources in a new accessible format. In the meantime, I’m leaving this page here so as not to deprive the public of access.

Anything accessible below is shared here purely for research purposes. Because of the rarity of the material and yet, at the same time, highly educational value for researchers, items are shared here under fair use copyright law on the condition that users of this page respect the service and do not make any commercial profiting use of any of the material included. Please make use of this service purely to enhance research and learning.

In addition, where you find a documentary/film that you like, I would encourage you to purchase your own copies from the makers, too, using the links I have provided, where available. I am not associated with these people, but as I like their work, would like to encourage readers to support them in their work. If you are yourself one of these people, let me know if you like the page, too! You might well find that, besides your own film, you discover others here that you had not known existed before, and so I hope that this resource will enhance and expand your own research too. All in all, with the best of intentions, this page is here to serve the human community in our toxic situation and desperate need for increased public awareness of toxicity issues.

The objective of this page, as with the rest of this website, is to foster and encourage greater awareness of toxicity issues and how they impact our health – a vital topic not only for our mutual benefit but also for our very health and survival as a species. As such, the resources at this page are shared here for humanitarian reasons. I trust you will find this resource useful!

Note: The author of this website is not in agreement with everything at this site! I have included material based on its overall level of interest, and not because I automatically agree with everything included in it. So, make your own assessment of the virtues or otherwise of each item!

Disclaimer: The information at this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The content of this website comprises only the observations and opinions of the authors and contributors: it does not constitute medical advice to readers.

How To Access The Video Clips^

To view items, you can either try clicking directly on a link, or for smoother viewing you can try downloading, by right-clicking on the file name (or for mac users, control-click) then clicking “Save Target As” (IE) or “Save Link As” (firefox) and choosing where to save it on your own computer, then navigating to the saved file and clicking play.

I have tried wherever possible to keep things simple by including all clips in the same video format: MP4 (.mp4 extension) – playable via most software programmes. However, in a few cases you may also have the choice of a different format in case you prefer that.

Just in case you are unable to play these files, please see the following link which lists compatible software options, many of which are free programmes that can be downloaded if needed: MP4 software options. In case you want to be able to play these files on Windows Media Player (which is not on the list), you can also make it compatible by obtaining an MP4 codec from Microsoft here.

The reason I’ve decided to list the clips below in this way, rather than streaming them, is that I personally find streaming a rather annoying method at times because of low quality and regular interruptions. Hopefully the MP4 format will make your research easier for you! Nonetheless, I aim to radically update this website soon, and I may look into streaming too, in order to give you that as a second option.

Although some of the clips on this page are available elsewhere, some are not. Besides that, the main feature of this page is the selection process, i.e., I’m only including personal favourites so, depending on whether or not you concur with my tastes, that is an indicator of what is below.


(1) Short Clips – Mercury / Toxicity ^


1. IAOMTSmokingTeeth (8min)^

HgClip-1 (QT) – .mov quicktime file version is the only one available [48MB]

[Thanks to the IAOMT for this one. See the mercury vapour that comes off fillings – normally invisible – made visible using a special method explained by Dr David Kennedy of the IAOMT, maker and narrator on the clip. Unmissable. See for longer version and other excellent related resources].

embedded by Embedded Video

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2. IAOMTBeautifulTruth (7min)^

HgClip-2 (QT) – .mov quicktime file version is the only one available (180MB)

[Follow-up to the previous clip, aimed especially to debunk those who had tried to falsely debunk the original. Thanks to the IAOMT for this one.].


3. UnivOfCalgary-HgDestroyingNeurons (5min)^

HgClip-3 (QT) – .mov quicktime file version is the only one available (11MB)

[How mercury causes brain degeneration – see it visually. Unmissable. Thanks to the University of Calgary for this one].


4. “Autism is Mercury Poisoning” (30sec)^

HgClip-4 (2MB)

[Just a little publicity clip from “moms against mercury.” Makes interesting visual references to Minamata – see also full-length Minamata documentary further below]


5. TheRealErinBrockovich (4min)^

ToxicityClip-1 (15MB)

[What a person! After seeing the film, it’s great to see the real version, and just as passionate as the film one].

embedded by Embedded Video
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(2) Full-length Documentaries and Interviews – Mercury^


1. UK television documentary 1994 (38min, eight parts)^

Hg-1 (1of8) (34MB); Hg-1 (2of8) (35MB); Hg-1 (3of8) (32MB); Hg-1 (4of8) (34MB);

Hg-1 (5of8) (31MB); Hg-1 (6of8) (33MB); Hg-1 (7of8) (30MB); Hg-1 (8of8)(17MB)

[16+ years later, still no action has been taken. Contains fascinating interviews of a range of people including Murray Vimy, Boyd Haley (“You would become demented”), Lars Friberg and others. Written transcript also available here.]


2. U.S. television documentary 1990 (24min, eight parts)^

Hg-2 (1of8) (23MB); Hg-2 (2of8) (28MB); Hg-2 (3of8) (32MB); Hg-2 (4of8) (25MB);

Hg-2 (5of8) (24MB); Hg-2 (6of8) (21MB); Hg-2 (7of8) (24MB); Hg-2 (8of8) (19MB)

[20+ years later, still no action has been taken. Around the same time period of this documentary, when a lot of new science was emerging on the subject, I discovered from a Swiss dentist (husband of a patient of mine) that Switzerland made a nationwide decision of “reasonable doubt” to stop the use of mercury fillings back then. 20+ years later, most other countries still drag their heels due to vested interests.]


3. Minamata Disease (47min documentary, twelve parts)^

Hg-3 (1of12) (38MB); Hg-3 (2of12) (48MB); Hg-3 (3of12) (41MB); Hg-3 (4of12) (46MB);

Hg-3 (5of12) (49MB); Hg-3 (6of12) (43MB); Hg-3 (7of12) (37MB); Hg-3 (8of12) (50MB);

Hg-3 (9of12) (34MB); Hg-3 (10of12) (41MB); Hg-3 (11of12) (30MB); Hg-3 (12of12) (28MB)

[This is an old documentary in black and white, and, as far as I know, extremely rare. I haven’t found any mention of it online nor do I know of anywhere it can be obtained. All the more reason to share it here, though, from my own source, because of its outstanding nature. Although it may seem outdated to modern viewers in terms of its DVD production and narrative style, it is nonetheless a true classic, and above all because of its extensive real footage showing how mercury poisoning affected people – and worse still their children then born later with birth defects because of cross-placental mercury poisoning – in the Minamata Bay tragedy of the 1950s and 1960s. There is also much to learn from in terms of the nature of denial from political and scientific establishments as demonstrated in this story, where it took decades to stop a clear-cut mass poisoning caused by big industry. In this context, it is perhaps no surprise that it is taking so long to restrain the poisoning actions of the members of dental associations in many countries. Also included is a ful history of the affair and a number of useful interviews with Japanese scientists discussing the ways in which mercury affects people. As such, much that is discussed on this documentary represents a microcosm, in “fast forward” motion, of how most modern populations are now being affected by “micro-mercurialism,” a slower but ultimately identical syndrome from mercury fillings (bearing in mind that the same form of mercury – the organic form – is readily formed from mercury fillings via methylation on the surface of your teeth, combined with equally harmful effects of mercury vapour inhaled from the fillings). Note: this documentary shows primarily mercury’s neurotoxic, cardiotoxic, hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic effects, whereas micro-mercurialism of modern populations shows, in addition to these, also mercury’s subtler but equally devastating immunotoxic effects over the long term. The form of mercury that has been infamous in vaccinations (ethylmercury) is also similar but not identical to the type affecting people in this documentary (methylmercury), except that at least methylmercury in fish has to get through considerable gut defenses, unlike ethylmercury in thimerosal which is injected directly into the blood. Watch out also for the chilling footage of mercury-poisoned cats].


4. Boyd Haley Interview (4 parts, 24min total)^

Hg 4a (17MB); Hg 4b (8MB); Hg 4c (11MB); Hg 4d (18MB)

[Excellent discussion of mercury fillings, thimerosal in vaccines, and the reasons both of these are much more damaging than the mercury in fish unless you happen to live in the Seychelles and eat nothing but. Thanks to Boyd Haley and “FAIR Autism Media” for this one – this interview can be viewed via online streams at their website here.]


(3) Full-length Interviews – Systems Theory^


1. “Sustainable Transformation – An Interview with Ervin Laszlo” (46min)^

Systems-1 (115MB)

[It is through the application of Systems Theory to medicine that we understand how the human body, as an open system subject to the universal properties of living systems, is intrinsically vulnerable to damage by “key toxins.” Key toxins are those, by definition, which are most capable of exploiting the weaknesses in the living system of the human body according to its design and function. A key toxin for humans is not necessarily so for other forms of life, because each living system is designed differently. For example, fish can cope just fine with mercury poisoning, and cockroaches can apparently cope just fine with nuclear radiation. An understanding of the properties of living systems is the truest and deepest way of enabling the human body to recover from the entrenched effects of poisoning. Ervin Laszlo – perhaps the world’s greatest forefather and mentor in the area of Systems Theory and why it is a concept which in my opinion holds the greatest potential solutions to the world’s problems – does not discuss toxicity itself in this interview. However, he discusses some aspects of systems theory and living systems which are useful to anyone who wants to understand how toxins affect us and how a systems-based approach to medicine, as taught in Field Control Therapy, is for systems reasons an intelligent approach to detoxification. Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., has in my view made many important breakthroughs on behalf of modern medicine, but perhaps the greatest of all is the wonderfully simple but incredibly important bottom line: applying systems theory to medicine. It has taken me over 7 years of involvement with Dr Yurkovsky and Field Control Therapy to fully recognize the importance of this as the essence of Field Control Therapy and the essence of the future of medicine and detoxification – for the simple reason that the human body is a living system with certain definable systems properties of great relevance to medicine and society. There are many systems experts, but for me Ervin Laszlo is one of the world’s most eloquent and inspired teachers and authors in this field, so I really enjoyed this interview. Thanks to the Ecological Options Network for this one. The clip is also on their list of interview downloads here]


(4) Full-length Documentaries – Vaccines^


1. Vaccination-HiddenTruth-AustralianDocumentary (5 parts, 46min total)^

Vacc 1a (25MB); Vacc 1b (24MB); Vacc 1c (23MB); Vacc 1d (23MB); Vacc 1e (9MB)

[Thanks to the “Vaccination Information Service,” Australia, for this one – DVDs of this documentary can be obtained from them here.]


2. DrAyoub-Hg,Autism,GlobalVaccineAgenda (90min presentation, either in one large file, or in ten smaller parts)^

Vacc 2 – All (208MB) – NOTE: This one isn’t yet available

Vacc 2a (34MB); Vacc 2b (34MB); Vacc 2c (33MB); Vacc 2d (36MB); Vacc 2e (34MB);

Vacc 2f (34MB); Vacc 2g (33MB); Vacc 2h (38MB); Vacc 2i (21MB); Vacc 2j (18MB)

[Thanks to Dr Ayoub and “Radio Liberty” for this one – DVDs of this documentary can be obtained from them here.]

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